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Hey! So, here’s a brief about me. Bye…. See you in my Blogs……:)

Hi! Iā€™m Shivam M. A seeker & Explorer of the Truth. Throughout my life, i experienced a lot of things and through my journey of life experiences, god gave me knowledge, wisdom & insights about self and world. So, I Started This Blog to Express My Ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

A Spiritual Journey Starts with the Understanding of many things first. So, For This Purpose, as a seeker of the Truth, We Have to Read/Learn, Observe, and React/Practice. This always leads to Success. So, I Learnt a lot and am Still Learning. And this journey only stops when we get to know who we are………

How do I walk on the path I don’t know about?

To know this, read the Points below:

why do we seek. because we want to know more. So, Be a knowledge seeker. Learning is crucial in every walk of life. It is only through learning that a Human excels in any field. Spirituality and self realization are also the ones in which you gain a perspective about life. the seeker of knowledge.

Embrace Uncertainty, trust god and do good what is needed from your side. As you will walk on the path to God you will face problems & truth. So in that time, trust god even when it hurts.

God leads us always. Believe it or not. The reason you are here is also arranged by God. This tells that he wants you to progress toward him. So, trust God you learn on the path, you reflect on your own actions, what is told, and what I am doing.

Courageous Actions A man who is seeking for knowledge An intellectual way of doing this is to divide the path into small steps and start to walk in it one by one. Your wisdom increases as you gain knowledge and you gain knowledge by studying life, books, from blogs. šŸ˜‰

Besides all this, the world needs better human beings. So take it as your passive duty to be the perfect human being. ……….. šŸ™‚

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