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How to spread Kindness in the World? what does kindness mean? a question that comes deep from our being, our soul. A question that can make a change in yourself and the world. What is Kindness?

The word ‘Kindness’ means to have a feeling and Intent of Love, Mercy, and Care towards someone. Kindness meaning can be subjective. Its meaning depends on your level of awareness.

It can be of two types: external kindness and internal kindness. We will talk about it further in this kind Post. 🙂

There are many ways to Spread Kindness in the world. The First and most important way is to Be kind.

Be kind in your heart. Only then, you spread kindness and Love in the world, but there’s more you must understand first.

In this world, most people are constantly trying to fill your hearts with hate and jealousy and If you want to be the master and to achieve self-realization, Kindness can be your first virtue to have.

So, Let’s walk on the wayofmaster together.

1. What is kindness Meaning?

The Simple meaning of kindness is that it’s a genuine expression of compassion and love towards someone.

Kindness motivates us to have a selfless desire to uplift others. In this world of Hate and Violence, it’s a crucial virtue to have in ourselves. This is kindness in simple words.

So, As you walk with me throughout this Blog, we’ll understand what kindness is and everything related to kindness and Love.

As you go along on the Blog, I will be with you, answering your questions and your new doubts.

So, let’s go on a short and peaceful journey towards your personal and Spiritual Growth.

kindness quotes #1

The absence of kindness in someone’s heart is like a Blossom without a Fragrance.

by Unknown

Every Life is a story in itself from which we can learn something. To justify This quote let me tell You a story of mine.

I have a very near relative of mine, who is my elder. He lived a very good and prosperous life but without love in his heart. Today his Internal condition is not that good.

Without love, envy and hate are rooted slowly in his heart and now he is not a peaceful Human.

See? When you live a wealthy and prosperous life and you forget to develop love in your heart, then for you, it’s of no value.

Can you think of a Blossom without its fragrance? it may look beautiful to the eyes, but it’s not Completely beautiful. smile

2. Why Kindness is Important?

As the world is growing rapidly, it is missing the most important aspect of life, which is Personal and Spiritual Growth. So, in this race to nowhere, the world is getting crazier and crazier day by day, minute by minute.

As we live our Lives, we have to be aware of many aspects, many secrets that the world will never tell us. Their Petty enjoyment of the material World, their lust for money and fame.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

Due to this, People are becoming stressed, and deep sorrow is growing inside them due to the world, standards, and societies.

Why is it important to be kind? It is important to be kind because it feels good to be kind, it gives peace to the mind. This is the importance of kindness.

In other words, Kindness acts as a guiding light for your spiritual growth. The Spiritual Growth highly depends on the condition of our mind.

So to conquer this demon of hate and jealousy, we must plant the seed of kindness in our hearts.

3. What is Kindness in the Bible

The Holy Bible and Every other Religious Text have given us the teaching of Love and Kindness.

They taught us that the World is Our Family. Every Living Being is like a family member. There’s always love between family members.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (5)

The Holy Bible says.

  • Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39)

See? How simply does this Bible verse Say it all? We must be loving and Kind to others, as they are our family members. We must make this home a heaven. It’s our most important duty as good Human beings.

  • Proverbs 19:17 (New International Version): “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.”

As you study more Spiritual Scriptures and texts, they convey the message of Love and Peace. God has a special Care for the People who have the seeds of Kindness in their hearts.

  • Ephesians 4:32 (New International Version): “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Forgiving someone has a whole other level of feeling. Have you ever forgiven anyone? No? So try it. Experience it by yourself. you will love it.

  • Luke 6:31 (New International Version): “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

In other words, Do Good have Good. It often has been seen that Humans tend to do Bad actions to others and expect that people will do good for them. You may have noticed this.

Try this holy bible to read all the verses on kindness and What are your other biblical verses on kindness? Please Share them in the comments. I’ll read them. 🙂

4. The Power Of Smile

What is smile about? When you go somewhere, what do you think is the most beautiful thing you can get? and what is the most beautiful thing that is precious to anybody, even if they don’t know?

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

It’s a Smile on someone’s face. It builds a connection between you and the person in front of you. It’s a random act of Kindness which don’t have any negative effects. So, be a smile maker.

Wherever you see, Smile will always have a Positive and peaceful effect. So This is the First way you can spread Kindness in the World. Whenever I see people who smile, I smile.

When we smile, our stress goes away. When the environment goes hot, all you need is a smile and laughter and watch the anger go away. It’s not easy to smile in anger.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

An Unconditional Hug is the easiest way to Spread Kindness in the hearts of others. When we hug someone, a deep sense of belonging and relief surrounds us.

In this world of loneliness, a hug feels as if someone is there for us and we are not alone.

kindness quotes #2

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

by Oscar Wilde

5. Kindness is like a Ripple Effect

Recently I was watching a YouTube video named Spreading the Joy of Laughter on a Train in which they were playing a prank on the train.

When the video started, the Whole train was serious and indulged in their thoughts, some were using their phones, and some were reading the newspaper. It felt like their faces were as empty as the joy had left their faces.

kindness quotes #3

Throw the pebble of Kindness and watch how Ripples of Peace transforms the Pond of Life.

By Shivam

But as the Person started to laugh intentionally. The first 5 seconds were normal. people were figuring out what was happening.

Then The laughter Spread as if it was a Forest fire. You see?

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

Throwing a rock in the water creates a ripple effect. In this way, spreading Kindness and Compassion affects other human beings. So, let’s make the biggest tide in the ocean. This example can be perceived as the ripple effect meaning.

5.1 Watch This Video on how a Smile is a way to Spread Kindness :

A YouTube video that shows how smiles and laughter are infectious.

So, it’s important to have a kind mind. A kind mind can give kindness and a kind mind is the weapon to spread kindness.

6. Ways to Spread Kindness Everyday

We encounter many situations in our daily lives where we need to show our kindness. Let’s discuss some ways to spread Kindness.

kindness quotes #4

Kindness is a virtue that we can get only if we know how to Give it.

by the Unknown

6.1 ways to spread kindness at school as a student

In Schools, we learn academic subjects. we are constantly taught to be the best, be the first to win the race of life, which is true.

But in this era of a fast-paced world, where the whole world is blindly running after gathering money and wealth. Educational Institutions are also running after money, leaving the need to develop kindness and love in student’s hearts.

Anyway, this topic is of whole new subject. So, we’ll talk about it later in another Post.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (1)

There’s a saying that “If the Citizens are not Great then how the Nation will become great?”. This same thing applies to our school if the students are not Kind then how can the school be kind?

There is a School because there are Students. So, as a student, we must Develop Kindness in our hearts and if you are a Parent then you can teach the following activities to your Child. 🙂

Generally, the teaching of life starts from our School. So, some kindness activities for students are written below :

  • As a student, we must speak kind Words that have a tone and feeling of Kindness.
  • A Student must help other students when in need. Help as much as you can.
  • A student must treat other students as their family members. If you can develop this type of attitude towards other living beings, then you are on the wayofmaster.
  • As a student, we must develop that kind of nature in which someone feels peace and love. This can make a community strong and Peaceful.
  • From an Academic point of view, as a student, we must help other students to understand complex concepts and subjects. As Sharing is Caring.

So, these are some random acts of kindness for students activities.

Kindness can look like a Small Act but trust me, it has a big impact on our lives.

6.2 ways to spread kindness at work

In the Upper Paragraph, we discussed ways to spread kindness at school as a student. All the Rules apply in the workplace also.

Situations (Outside) can be different but mind and heart (Inside) remain the same.

A student has the same heart and mind. When he grows and becomes an adult, he has the same mind.

an image in which a employee is helping his coemployee,depicting the beauty of kindness, real life photography

You may have gotten the idea about the kindness meaning. Right? And kindness is meaningful when done. So let’s dive into what we can do to spread kindness at work.

Here are some of the kindness activities to spread Kindness at work and positive work culture examples.

6.2.1 So, Here are some random acts of kindness for work :

  • Make Rituals to appreciate the efforts of colleagues. This will foster positive work and will create a positive work culture around you and others.
  • Kindness spreads by helping others truly. collaborative culture should be performed so that others can also learn.

kindness quotes #5

In a Supportive work environment, Kindness thrives.

6.3 ways to spread kindness in the community

You must have known how kindness spreads from 1 person to another right?

So, don’t you think kindness will be spread more in a group of people if done it right?

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

A community is a group of people who have something in common. Regarding Spreading kindness, community is a good way to start. Why not? You are getting a chance to spread kindness to more than 1 person at a time. Isn’t it great?

So, it can be seen as, a people form a community and the community contributes to forming societies, and Societies in turn, form big institutions for human organizations.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

It become important to spread kindness in the community.

6.3.1 Here are some ways to spread kindness in the community:

  • If you are a member of a community, you can organize events to enhance the well-being of the community.
  • You can organize events to show the value of simple acts of kindness in our daily lives.
  • Organize Events where people will volunteer and learn to help their neighbors and other people.
  • Organize Events where you can highlight the importance of kindness towards the environment and Nature. As good humans, we must make people aware to also show kindness to Mother Earth.
  • And you can also organize events in other communities to showcase the impact of volunteering. This is because people prefer to see results before they even do.

Try This book out to explore more about Kindness

Try These Kindness Themed Tshirts:

If you wear T-shirts with kindness message on it. You will remember what is your goal. That is to be kind.

7. Types of Kindness and Their Importance

Kindness is the act of feeling or intention of Love, care, and Mercy toward other beings. This single word, “kindness” says it all, but if we want to understand it in depth. It can be classified into two categories, External and Internal.

7.1 Type of Kindness: External

My Neighbours are constructing their new house. while the house was built, a bitch laid her cute little puppies.

Because the house was empty at the time of building, She thought that it would be a good idea to give birth to the puppies there.

She thought that the winter was coming, it would be a good decision to have a home.

That’s why that bitch gave birth to her puppies at that place. Can you see what she did? She showed External kindness to her kids.

External Kindness means to show kindness for someone’s physical body. To care for someone’s body. External Kindness is limited to the domain of the Physical body.

As the mother cares for her kids, she is showing external kindness.

We see some homeless people on the streets, who don’t have any homes to live in. What comes to our minds then? (if someone is conscious that much).

A homeless guy who is sitting on the side of the street, in hope that someone may give him something

Just imagine it in your mind that there’s a homeless person, who is living in a very poor and mercyful condition.

Sitting on the side of the street, in the hope that someone may give him something.

The First thing that may come to help poor people.

Helping the poor is the best way to spread kindness on the streets. Because these are the people who have a bad fate, And is forced to live this type of life.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

What do you want to do for him/her as a good person?

The thing that may come to our mind is to help them in any way we can. Right? And when we do help them, it’s called External Kindness.

We normally do external kindness to others. But the more important type is Internal Kindness.

7.2 Type of Kindness: Internal

This one is Important! So, it will be Descriptive so you should read it with dedication.

Caring and showing kindness for the well-being of someone’s heart and mind is called Internal Kindness and another word for caring and loving is Kindness.

As external belongs to the physical body, Internal kindness belongs to the Mind and Soul. Let me explain to you with an example.

To spread Internal Kindness is not an easy task. You need to have that awareness of the fact that to spread Internal Kindness, we need to be Internally aware of ourselves.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

We have had to gain knowledge about ourselves So that we can apply this knowledge and achieve self realization. But to achieve that state, we first need to correct a lot of things in ourselves.

we need to self-reflect on our actions. See, Internal means which is inside. Right? and I am talking about kindness.

we can easily help others by showing External Kindness. But we are talking about Internal Kindness. Wait! We know that the body is external because we can see it easily.

But What is Internal? I mean what is inside? To whom to show kindness Inside. Right? ….. It’s Mind and soul.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

When we think of Internal kindness, we are referring to showing kindness to the Mind and soul and healing the mind body, and soul. The mind is also known as our subtle body. What is subtle body ? The subtle body comes after the physical body, but I’ll talk about it in another Blog Post.

If we don’t show internal Kindness to ourselves and others then love depletes and hate increases. There’s a thin line between love and hate.

As you may be walking on a path to the science of self realization, you should be conscious and aware that people will hurt you in many ways, just because they are on the wrong path and you are on the right.

love the sinner hate the sin.

Mahatma Gandhi

So whatever they say and do, keep on spreading Kindness to the world. If you take them seriously then forget the kindness.

Just be on the right path because the right path leads to self realization. So, love the sinner hate the sin.

7.2.1 Ways To Spread Internal Kindness And How Can You Do It?

To Plant the seed of kindness in your heart. Apply the following things in your life.

  • Be Mindful of your actions, Acquire Mindful moments, and maintain mindful behavior. (I will discuss mindfulness in another post)
  • Do positive self talk activities. Positive self talk is a great way to cultivate a sense of belonging with self and this thing helps to improve your mental well being.
  • As you are walking a journey to self realization, you should treat yourself with kindness and understanding.
  • You Should be keeping a Gratitude Journal from now on. In this way, you can express your kindness and appreciation for what god is giving us every moment.
  • Set Healthy Boundaries with people. You have to be strict in this matter. People and society are one of the main reasons for mental stress.

kindness quotes #6

Our life is a playground, where it teaches us lessons.

by Unknown

8. what is kindness for kids

Have you ever thought? about making this world more kind what we can do?, I mean what is the easiest and Working way?

The one main step to plant the seed of kindness is from childhood because as a kid, we are in our initial learning stage.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (1)

What we learned from our Parents, relatives, society, etc., became our actions today.

And yes it is indeed our fate that in which conditions we are born. If you are born into a peaceful and kind Family or society, then you have a very good fate.

But if you are born into a very toxic family, who always talks with hatred and anger then you have a very poor fate.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

That means that you lost your chance to become a Peaceful and Loving Person.

Nowadays, Parents don’t know how to teach kindness to a child. This is because they are not familiar with Kindness. It’s a crucial thing to teach random acts of kindness for kids.

8.1 So, Here are some kindness activities for kids that you can teach them:

  • Humans love stories, but a kid loves them more. You can Share stories that present kindness as a Power to capture the imaginations of young readers. Here are some Kindness stories that you can try.
  • To nurture positive social skills from an early age emphasize the importance of kindness in friendships.
  • Teach them the connection between animals and humans. This will Nurture their empathy toward animals.
  • Present kindness as the superpower that makes this world a better place to live
  • Bring them kindness books for kids
  • Kids Love games. Conduct Interactive activities such as Drawing and Crafting etc. These activities allow kids to imagine and express kindness. You can try:
  • mindfulness drawing activities
  • drawing conclusion activities
  • drawing team building activities
  • And drawing activities for preschoolers.

You Can also give your children Books that teach Kindness.

Try this kindness for kids books:

9. Teaching Kindness to Next Generation

If something doesn’t get passed on to the next generation, Its existence gets erased slowly and slowly. You can see this World right now.

As the use of the Internet for mere materialistic purposes is increasing, virtues like compassion and love are erased day by day.

As Humans, we need to be reminded of things that are important, again and again. Because of the distractions that the world offers, it’s important to train our minds to remember something.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (1)

That’s why it’s our Duty to educate the children So that they can know what love is, what compassion is, and what empathy is. No?

Here are some tips & acts of kindness for kids to teach:

  • A proper Integration of education should be in the schools, that can shape an individual into a Kind man.
  • We should have a good stack of stories on kindness, that can be taught to the next generations and create the legacies for generations. (You can try the Book Links in the upper section)
  • Propose interactive learning games and challenges that engage the children in learning about kindness. The process should be memorable and enjoyable.
  • As Parents, we must teach our kids about kindness daily. You can try
  • kindness books for kids
  • Teach them acts of kindness for kids
  • Daily kindness activities for kids are a good thing.
  • Teach random acts of kindness to kids

As a kind people, isn’t it our duty to show Internal Kindness to the Next generations? We are caring for the generations, we’ll not see. Isn’t it kindness?

10. what is kindness to you

For me, Kindness is Love, Compassion, empathy and care whether it’s Internal or External. Everybody has a subjective point of view on what kindness is and People tell what they know.

See, when we think about kindness, we generally see its Outer result but Kindness is a state of mind, a state of our being, a state of our consciousness.

When I travel somewhere, I always see poor people in very merciful situations. I can share the YouTube links of those videos but they are in another language.

Picture in which the message of kindness is conveyed (4)

When I was young, I didn’t have that much knowledge and wisdom. Whenever I see their faces, I think about what wrong they have done in this life. And I often try to help them with anything I want.

But as I grew, I explored many things and read many books. This was to satisfy my spiritual hunger, that separation with the lord.

After 2 – 3 years of exploring and then reflecting on myself, I found that poor people are suffering because of their past life actions. Now I will discuss this in another blog post.

Now watch this video:

When someone’s helping that guy, it felt different. That peace and Internal joy. I don’t know what to call it. it’s a thing to taste not to discuss.

Watching random acts of Kindness feels that much different. Then take an estimate of how much it will feel when done.

I always try to make others feel that they are with a friend. I emphasize belongingness and connectedness with others so, they can feel the warmth of my company, no matter whether they notice it or not.

And this thing in return makes me a Kind Person.

11. What are some kindness synonyms?

Here are some synonyms for kindness:

  • Benevolence
  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Concern
  • Courtesy
  • Friendliness
  • Gentleness
  • Goodness
  • Goodwill
  • Grace
  • Gracious
  • Heart
  • Helpfulness
  • Hospitality
  • Loving
  • Neighborly
  • Patience
  • Philanthropic
  • Sweetness
  • Sympathy
  • Tenderness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Tolerance
  • Understanding
  • Unselfishness

12. Conclusion

In Conclusion, I only want to say that we as children of God, should always prefer kindness over hatred and jealousy. The World needs a peace-loving man.

Whenever a person needs you, help them with whatever you can. And Always Remember that Kindness matters. 🙂

human kindness is one of the main virtues to have in the heart, which will also decide your inner Condition in the future.

Always emphasize your actions to grow humbleness and kindness. If it’s not done, Hatred, jealousy, and every other sin will find a place to evade. #peace❤️

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What does it mean to do kindness?

Kindness means to genuinely care and love another loving being with all your heart. Not just from the surface.

How kindness can change the world?

Kindness has a Ripple effect. When someone sees a person helping others, only then you can see kindness spread. Until he/she is already kind and peaceful.

What is the greatest act of kindness?

The greatest act of kindness is that you can do when someone needs you. The Whole needs us.


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